My "UFO's"

It seems we all have them.  I guess my thought is if I force myself to post pictures of them I will somehow shame myself into finally completing them. lol  *So we will see how this works. Now comes the hard part getting them out to take pictures good enough to post.  1) The "Phoenix" a laser cut applique. I started zig-zagging around all the edges, but I don't think I like how it's turning out.  2)  "Cruising Towards The Sun"  A mystery challenge from Heart to Hand Quilt Shop I started, it's not complete because as the steps were sent out, I did not get the same color of fabric to complete the quilt which will be 58"x58" when complete, so just need to decide what to do about that.  3) A Carpenter's Star without "Y" seams. This was done as a test pattern, just needs a border.  Well that's it for now, but there are more to come.:-)

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